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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Home at last

Tanith's motorbike pulled into the driveway of Skulduggery's house. She turned off the engine, steeped off her bike and smiled, murder on her mind. She walked to the front door and knocked. Sanguine opened the door. He kissed her and said;

"Hey", he said in his Texan accent.

She giggled and stepped inside the door. She glanced around, looking for a trace of the skeleton.

"He ain't here darlin, I checked", Sanguine muttered. Tanith scowled furiously.

"Take me away now", Tanith breathed annoyed.

Tanith glanced at him, giving him a look that said '?'.

He grabbed her arm and they were gone, deep through the ground......


Tanith sat sprawled across the tall wooden seat, she had had sanguine get mortals to carve for her. She had one leg strewn across the left arm, and the othe hanging from the seat of the chair. She was bored. Her Texan boyfriend was off in America somewhere. Tanith sighed and started playing with her scabbard. She had been sitting like this for hours. She tensed as she heard footsteps approaching the cavern where her hideout was situated.

Skulduggery Pleasant walked in, his high cheekbones looking quite positively happy. He was wearing a dark navy pinstripe suit, with a matching hat. His skeletal hands were covers with black leather gloves. The light blue shirt he has on doesnt really suit him thought Tanith.

Skulduggery righted the silk pink tie he had around his neck. "Hello Miss. Low, how are you this fine day?", his velvet voice irritated Tanith.

"Oh skulduggery, I was hoping you would find me, I've been so lonely..."

"Really?" he replied, "what about Billy Ray?"

"what about him?"
"where is he?"
"somewhere in America"

Skulduggery looked at Tanith sadly. His old friend possesed by that blasted remnant. He took a step toward her. She was on her feet so quickly, her sword in her hand, he was quite taken back.

"How many cleavers do have with you?" she yelled.

"None", he said reassuringly.

Tanith stared. "How did you find me?"

Skulduggery looked at her. She stared back.

"Oh, you mean me", he said pointing to himself, " Oh it was quick easy actually, my detective skills are so great, well you see..."

He was cut off by a very angry Tanith.

"Get on with it Skulduggery."

He continued, " Ok, so with my great dectective skills," Tanith sighed, " I was able to track your bike, which you left in my driveway, back to here."

"How?" she asked quite confused.

"Because of the milage", he chuckled.

"Tell me?"
"Why not?"
"Because?" she asked irritated.

"Because", Skulduggery, " You know the saying ' A great magician never reveals his secrets?', well it's the same for detectives.... Great ones like myself, really."

Tanith laughed bemused "No it's not."....

Footsteps coming from underneath the ground. Sanguine was back.

Tanith sighed. She put away her sword. " No fighting today then."

Skulduggery nodded.

"Are you leaving?" asked Tanith.
"Then go"
"Ok, great hostility, huh?"

Skulduggery turned to leave. He was nearly at the entrance when he turned around.

" Remember Tan, Really, just remember, Every breath you take, move you make, all the smiles you fake, I'll be watching......."

He left. Just in time too. Sanguine popped up from the floor.

" Hey Darlin'"

"Whatever," Tanith muttered, bothly to Billy Ray and also Skulduggery. Even though he was long gone........

Maybe to be continued....... *thinks* I'll see....


    Every breath you take, move you make, all the smiles you fake, I'll be watching.......


  2. Sooooo good. Every1 else's fanfic is amazing, mine's rubbish. It's depressing.

  3. Awesome... It's like Derek himself wrote it. How long did it take you to write it? cause' I'm writing my own original story, I'm on the 21st page and its maybe two or three weeks into it.